Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Adanac Rock Garden Series Greenland and Storm Paddles - A Review by FatPaddler

The Adanac Rock Garden Series - A Review

My paddling preferences have always been unconventional. Since very early in my paddling career I've had a preference for Greenland paddles, loving their warmth, their ability to be used in different ways, and their sheer beauty. I've also been called a "paddler abuser" and have a history of smashing Greenland sticks through my love of rock gardening, leaving behind the splintered remains of commercial sticks amongst the oyster beds and cliffs of Sydney.

With this problem in mind, Jill Ellis of Adanac Paddles went to work on a new type of Greenland paddle. A paddle which put less emphasis on being a light-weight beauty and really focused on strength, durability and sheer ruggedness. The Rock Garden Series paddles were born.

I've now spent two years thrashing these paddles to within an inch of their life. I've used them to leverage myself off cliff faces after being side-surfed into them. I've had them almost ripped out of my hands as they rebound off submerged rocks whilst surfing through rock gardens. They even survived a rock gardening session with Tsunami Ranger Jim Kakuk. I've also used them for marathon races, surfing white water boats, and of course plenty of rolling. The Adanacs have survived everything I've been able to throw at them.

I have many paddles from many different suppliers, but when the stakes are down and the paddling is going to be exciting, I always reach for the Adanac's first. There's no better endorsement from me than that!

Happy paddles,
Sean Smith aka The Fat Paddler

Note: The Rock Garden Series paddles weigh between 28 and 32 oz. Loom size is built to your hand size. Both the regular GP and the Storm paddle include Purple Heart tips.

An Adanac Rock Garden Series paddle graces the cover of The Fat Paddler.

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